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The Southern Ontario Family

Another two families of Teron's are centered in Southern Ontario, Canada, in cities such as Windsor, London and Leamington. Their ancestors emigrated from Bessarabia. At various times it was part of Bukovina and Romania.

For more information on the history of Bessarabia, and its relationship to Moldova, Bukovina, Russia and Romania, click on this flag of Moldova.

Moldova History

Penmuu Teron's Descendants

One of these two families come from Zarojene Chotin, Bessarabia, Roumania. Zarojene is located near the shores of the Dneister River, only 30 km from Bridok, where the ancestors of the Ottawa and California Teron families originate.

Our knowledge of this family starts with the Penmuu Tiron and his wife, Auuie Melnick. Their sons, Onufry (born 1895) and John (born 1896), were born in Zarazany and emigrated to Canada (possibly via the USA).

Click here to view a brief family tree and more detailed maps showing Zarozany Chotin (shown as Chotin or Hotin) and Bridok (shown as Brodok).

Chris Teron of the Ottawa Family has just met an Igor Tyron living in St. Petersburg Russia who comes from Zarojene and whose parents still lives there. Chris will be spending more time with Igor soon so we hope to learn a lot of new knowledge of the family, and its roots. Igor already informs us that there are very few Teron's so they must be inter-related somehow.

For more information on this family, send an email to Brian Teron in Windsor, Ontario (a grandson of John Teron), or to Lisa Gaffan, Lynda Schartinger, or Necole Terron who are descendants of Onufry Teron.

Stefan Teron's Descendants

The other family also comes from Bessarabia. Emigration started with Stefan and Dorothy Teron, with their first son, Michael, in 1912. The family has heard that their ancestors came from France. They went to fight a war in Bessarabia in 1696 and stayed there. This would explain why the name Teron is not typically Slavic.

Brian Teron of the first mentioned Bessarabian Teron's has heard that the two families are related. An ancestor of the second Teron's is a cousin of Brian's grandfather, John Teron.

Teron Billboard

Until recently, Jim Teron ran a company called J.C. Teron Co. Ltd., more commonly known as "Teron - the billboard people". Their signs have been seen all around Windsor.

For more information on this second family, send an email to Jim Teron in Windsor, Ontario (a grandson of Stefan Teron), or to Kim Teron in Calgary, Alberta (a great-granddaughter of Stefan Teron).

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