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The Spanish Connection

There are many Terron's with Spanish first names though we have never made a genealogical connection between them or between the Spanish Terron's and the Teron's from Bukovina.

There are a possible way we could be related. A large numbers of Bukovinians emigrated in the 1890's to Brazil. Most perished due to the unfamiliar conditions there. Some of these people migrated north. In 1897's, the emigration shifted away from Brazil to Canada.


We have communicated with José Luis Terrón Ponce in Madrid, Spain. This is his description of his family. "My family proceed of a region to the northwest of Spain designated Maragatería in the province of Leon. There, a long time ago, were living a small ethnic group of unknown origin who today have disappeared, called Maragatos. The legend says that they were falling of a Gothic king called Mauregato, who invaded Spain with a German people (the visigodos) in the Middle Ages, defeating to the Romans. In any case, the surname Terrón in Spain is rare. In the telephone book of Madrid, where I live, there are only about forty Terron's, in a city of more than 3 million inhabitants."

Terron Shield Terron Shield


We have just made contact with the first Terron in Brazil, Ida Maria Neves Terron in Sao Paulo. She is gathering information on her relatives to add to our family tree and database. Her grandfather comes from Spain. Look for more information here soon.

Florida, U.S.A.

We have just made contact with the first Terron's in Florida. Adriana Vanegas Terron and her husband Rodolfo Terron are gathering information on their relatives to add to our family tree and database. His parents, Rogelio and Sara Terron, and family are mainly from Cuba and his cousin, Armando Terron, is a famous professional singer. It is believed the family originates from Spain and are also descendants of "Maragatos". Adriana is doing a great job of assembling their family tree and history. View her first web page at Terron Family Home Page and look for more information here soon.

Puerto Rico

There are several Teron's who come from Puerto Rico. We have communicated with one Teron family who consider themselves to be "Taino" which is native Puerto Rican Indian. For more information, send an email to Flavio Teron in Rochester, New York, or visit his Flavio Teron Homepage. Also, write to Yanil Teron, Javier Teron, or Rebecca Terrón.

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