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Tyron's in the US. There is a Tyron family in the USA that originates from somewhere around Poland, Germany or Prussia. That is not very far from Bukovina and connections between Bukovina and Poland are common. A connection possibly??? Our contact is through Katherine Renee Tyron (US Air Force, stationed in Charleston, SC). Her grandfather is Joseph F. Tyron of Grayling Michigan (recently passed away) and grandmother G.T. Tyron of Tuscon Arizona. Joseph F. has three living siblings - Frank, Bill and Tootie. Katherine's father is Joseph P. Tyron of Tuscon and he has a brother Thomas Tyron in Ludington MI, and a sister in Maryland. Katherine has a brother Joseph Tyron in Fayetville NC, and sisters Tracey Tyron in El Paso NM and Beth in Alaska.

Is there a Finnish connection? No. If one does a search on the name Teron in the internet, one will find numerous sites starting with the name Teron using the Finnish language. However, there is no connection to our family. The name "Tero" is a common first name in Finland and "Teron" is the possessive form of the name. In other words, "Teron home site" in Finnish means "Tero's home site".

Who is Lord Teron Gorefiend?

There is a popular game called WarCraft II that features as one of its characters:

Teron Gorefiend Teron Gorefiend

People who play the game set up web pages using his name so if you search the web for Teron, you will find numerous strange sites with the Teron name. Does anyone recognize him as being part of their history??

"Lord Teron Gorefiend is described as a monstrous hybrid of life and death who radiates the chill of the grave to all who stand near him. In his presence, plant life wilts and dies, as do lesser animals, and few can escape the clutch of fear that accompanies the biting caress of his aura. His mere touch causes frostbite if it is prolonged, and his hands can smash through wood and leather as if they were nothing. Those who stumble into him find him unyielding as a mountain, nor can he feel pain, since his nerve endings long ago crumbled away into dust and ashes. He knows neither fear nor pity, but moves forward always, remorseless and relentless, to complete any task he has chosen."

"He wears always a black, tattered cloak whose hem is laced with interwoven threads of gold, and beneath it, an ancient black burial shroud. A dark grey, moth-eaten scarf is wrapped about his visage, hiding it from view, and a hood casts his face into shadows. From these shadows flare brilliant, burning red eyes, aglow with unholy fire."

To read more about this interesting relative, visit the Teron Gorefiend Biography

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