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This web page is designed to assist people in researching the Teron family history and to link other Teron families and find common ancestors and linkages.

Emigration from Bukovina to Canada

The first known family members emigrated in 1897 from the village of Bridok (Breedok, Brodok, Brodka) in the Zastawna district of Bukovina. Bukovina was once a country with its capital in Chernovtsi. At the time of emigration, it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today it is part of the Ukraine though other parts of Bukovina are now located in Moldavia, Hungary and Romania. Bridok is located north of Chernovtsi on the south shore of the Dneister river. For more information on Bukovina, visit the Bukovina Society by clicking on their crest:

Bukovina Society

The star shows Bridok, Bukovina on a current map
Bukovina Map

In the late 1800's there was a shortage of land and, as families grew, the farms could not support them. This led to extensive emigration. In the early 1890's, many went to Brazil, but few prospered. In 1896, the emigration shifted to Canada where very similar agricultural and climatic conditions as Bukovina were found in southern Manitoba and the Canadian government was giving land free of charge to settlers who would clear it and plant crops. The emigration was led by Dr. Josef Oleskow and was made up primarily of Galicians (the neighbouring province to Bukovina) and included a few Bukovinians. The Bukovinians gathered in Chernovitsi and traveled to L'viv in Galicia, then on to Canada. Dr. Oleskow had difficulty getting permission for people to leave Bukovina. Authorities approved only when the emigrant agreed to send back their sons for military duty when they reached the required age. Of course, none did. For more information, there is an excellent book called "Early Ukrainian Settlements in Canada, 1895-1900", written by Vladimir J. Kaye in 1964.

We know nothing of the family history while in Bukovina, though we have learned that there are many Teron's in that area.

The First Pioneers

The relevant people who emigrated from Bridok to Gardenton in 1897 were:

Semeon Tyron, Wasyl Kekot and their families traveled on the S.S. Arcadia and landed in Quebec City on May 2 1897. Sanchira Tyron and her husband, Iwan Machnij, arrived on the same voyage. They continued by train to Dominion City, south of Winnipeg, arriving on May 6, 1897. Onufry Tyron arrived in Quebec City on the next boat, the S.S. Arabia, on May 26, 1897.

In a separate emigration from Bukovina (possibly via the U.S.) came:

Onufry Tyron, Lena Kekot, Wasyl Sandul and Ann Marenuik are Chris Teron's four paternal great-grandparents.

Onufry Tyron, who had a cavalry background in Bukovina, settled in Gardenton Manitoba where he cleared his land and started a homestead. The homestead is still owned by the family for sentimental reasons, though it has not been inhabited since 1943 when George and Sadie Teron moved to Winnipeg. Wasyl Kekot also settled in Gardenton and is credited in 1899 as being the lead builder of the church in Gardenton, St. Michael's Ukrainian Greek Orthodox Church , and he carved two intricate crosses for the church, one dated 1897. Onufry Tyron worked with Wasyl Kekot on the church. The church is recognized as the oldest Ukrainian church in Canada. Wasyl Sandul and Ann Marenuik settled in Caribou, Minnesota (only a few miles from Gardenton but in the U.S.).

The star shows Gardenton, Manitoba, Canada
Gardenton Map

While our family is Bukovinian, most emigrants were from Galicia in the Ukraine. The Bukovinians settled with them and spoke Ukrainian. Until recently, we thought we were of Ukrainian descent.


Onufry Tyron and Lena Kekot had 8 children named (oldest first):

Family Photo

Photo taken about 1910 on Gardenton homestead showing:
Onufry and Lena Tyron with six children
(l to r) John, William, Sadie (held by Lena), Mary, George and Katherine.

Wasyl Sandul and Ann Marenuik had 11 children named (oldest first):

George Tyron married Anastasia Sandul and they had three children named (oldest first):

Tyron changed to Teron

Throughout life in Gardenton, the family name was spelled Tyron. In the mid 1950's, about the time George moved to Ottawa, Ontario, the name was changed to Teron because so many people mis-pronounced it. We pronounce it Tare - on. In early histories of the family, it is also seen as Tyran and Tiron.

Chris Teron's Family

My parents are William Teron and Jean Woodwark. They have four children named (oldest first):

I am married to Louisa Crooks and have two daughters, Briar and Heather.

Family Tree Research

I have created a family tree containing over 6,000 people and over 140 Tyron's or Teron's. It is prepared using Family Tree Maker version 7. The largest part of the tree was given to me by my maternal grandfather, Ken Woodwark, who worked on it for many years.

Prominent family names in addition to Tyron/Teron are Crooks, McDowell, Nourse, Sandul, Tracy, Turpin and Woodwark.

A listing of all of the people in the family tree has been published on the internet and can be found in the user pages of the Family Tree Maker site.

Teron Database

I maintain a database of known addresses and phone numbers for families named Teron, Tyron, and Terron. There are over 300 listings obtained through computerized sources however we have only been able to verify 71 of them. We are in the process of determining how many are related and so far have identified four different Teron families. We are convinced that three of them are related but we cannot find the link yet and assume that the link is prior to emigration from Bukovina.

Teron Family Home Page and other Teron Families

For information on other Teron families, please visit the Teron Family Home Page. It gives references to the Teron families in California, Southern Ontario, and elsewhere.

Teron International Building Technologies

Teron International Building Technologies is a family owned company started by William Teron. It has patented building technologies that are used to build residential and commercial buildings worldwide.

Click on its logo to view its web site (www.teron.ca)


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