This web page has been developed for the purpose of finding, linking, and documenting the genealogy of known relatives and descendants of the various Teron Families around the world, with emphasis on familes originating in Bukovina. If your family name is Teron, Terron or Tyron, we hope you will contact us to learn more about possible family linkages and to teach us more about our family history and relatives.

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So far we have been able to locate Teron's in the United States, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, France, Spain, Brazil, South Africa and India.

We know of many different spellings of the name within our known families and over the last 100 years. These include:

The spelling in Ukrainian, using the Cyrillic alphabet, is "Tupoh" and in Russian it is "Tblpoh".

Teron Family Genealogies

The origins of most of the Teron families are in Bukovina which was once a country of its own but today is part of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. We understand that many Teron's still live there though we are just learning about them.

There are also many Terron's in North America that have a Spanish background (Spain, Puerto Rico, and Brazil). We do not know if there is a connection between those families or between the Spanish people and the ones from Eastern Europe. Finding connections is part of the purpose of this web site.

So far we have grouped the North American Teron's we know into five groups as described below.

Emigration from "The Old Country"

The Teron's in California, Ottawa and Southern Ontario all have a common ancestry. The California, Ottawa and Saskatchewan families' ancestors emigrated from the village of Bridok (Breedok, Brodok) in the Zastawna district of Bukovina (now in the Ukraine). Onufry Tyron and his wife, Lena Kekot, who formed the head of the Ottawa family, came in 1897, landing in Quebec City. George Tyron and his wife, Domka Deley, who formed the head of the California family, came in late 1902. They both settled in southern Manitoba. Three sons of Domitry Tyron, John, Fred and Mike, who form the Saskatchewan family, came in 1901 from Bridok and settled in Preeceville, Saskatchewan. The ancestors of the two Southern Ontario families came from the town of Zarojene (Zarozany) Chotin, in the Bessarabia district of Bukovina. When they emigrated, it was part of Roumania though it is now part of Ukraine.

Bukovina was once a country with its capital in Chernovtsi. At the time of emigration, it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Today it is part of the Ukraine though other parts of Bukovina are now located in Moldavia, Hungary and Romania. Bridok is located north of Chernovtsi on the south shore of the Dneister river. Zarojene is located 30 km east of Bridok.

The star shows Bridok, Bukovina on a current map
Bukovina Map

In the late 1800's there was a shortage of land and, as families grew, the farms could not support them. This led to extensive emigration. In the early 1890's, many went to Brazil, but few prospered. In 1896, the emigration shifted to Canada where very similar agricultural and climatic conditions as Bukovina were found in southern Manitoba and the Canadian government was giving land free of charge to settlers who would clear it and plant crops. The emigration was led by Dr. Josef Oleskow and was made up primarily of Galicians (the neighbouring province to Bukovina) and included a few Bukovinians. The Bukovinians gathered in Chernovitsi and traveled to L'vov in Galicia, then on to Canada. For more information, there is an excellent book called "Early Ukrainian Settlements in Canada, 1895-1900", written by Vladimir J. Kaye in 1964.

We know nothing yet of the family history while in Bukovina but hope to learn more soon through the newly found knowledge of Teron's living there.

For more information on Bukovina, visit the Bukovina Society by clicking on their crest:

Bukovina Society

The Bukovina Society has an excellent map of Bukovina in 1910 as shown in this thumbnail version. To view it, choose between the small version which is quickly loaded or a very detailed version (711 KB) which is slower to load.

Thumbnail Map

Teron Database

I have developed a database through computer searches for active listings of names, addresses, and telephone numbers. I have 305 listings for Teron, Terron, and Tyron. Of these, we have verified 71 of them through personal knowledge and contact through this web page. I also maintains an extensive family tree for his family with over 6,000 individuals listed, including 60 Teron's and Tyron's.

Please Contact Us

If your family name is Teron, or a variation of the name, or you are related to one, please contact me Chris Teron, of Kanata, Ontario, Canada.

I would love to hear from other Teron's to learn more about possible family connections. We just might be able to teach each other more about our Teron family history.